Course Overview


Course Prerequisite

  • The minimum qualification required is a 12th Standard Certificate.
  • Maths & Physics are compulsary in 12th standard.
  • The Candidate's age should be 18 years at the time of joining.
  • Class 2 medical done by DGCA certified medical Practioner at time of admission and Class 1 Medical at time of issuance of CPL

Course Details

Course Duration :
  • 6-8 Month (For CPL+IR)
  • 8-10 Months (For CPL+ME+IR)
Ground Training :
  • Technical General (Aircraft and Engines)
  • Technical Specific
  • FRTOL(R) & RTR License Exam
  • Navigation
  • Meterology
  • Air Regulation

course Training

Flying Training (For CPL+IR) :
  • 200 Hours of Flying as per DGCA Syllabus inclusive and Single and Multi-Engine Simulator Training as per DGCA CAR.
Flying Training (For CPL+ME+IR):
  • 185 Hours of Flying (Single Engine) Aircraft as per DGCA Syllabus
  • 15 Hours of Flying on (Multi Engine) Aircraft as per DGCA Syllabus.
  • 10 hours Single and 10 hours Multi-Engine Simulator Training also as per DGCA CAR.